‘When, not if!’ says the narrator. Britons have warned that roaming costs for EU travel will be widely restored.


‘When, not if!’ says the narrator. Britons have warned that roaming costs for EU travel will be widely restored.

An analyst has warned Britons that more phone firms are likely to impose roaming charges for visitors to the European Union.

From next year, market researcher Paolo Pescatore predicts an increase in roaming rates for visitors to the European Union. Mr. Pescatore believes that the reintroduction is unavoidable, and that visitors should factor in the additional cost while planning their trip. Vodafone confirmed earlier this week that the fees would be reinstated in January.

Mr Pescatore stated on BBC Breakfast that he expects other companies to reinstate mobile roaming costs for subscribers traveling across Europe.

“However, I believe it is a question of when they will, and while I hope not, you can’t rule out future price hikes down the road.”

Vodafone announced on Monday that it would restore European roaming fees for new and upgrading British customers in January, following rival EE’s lead.

In 2017, the European Union scrapped roaming costs entirely, saving vacationers and business travelers millions of pounds each year.

Free roaming, on the other hand, was not included in the Brexit agreement that Britain negotiated with the EU.

The majority of Vodafone’s UK customers, according to UK Chief Executive Ahmed Essam, aren’t regular roamers and are paying for something they don’t use.

“We believe it is equitable to allow customers greater choice over what they pay for, such as opting into a price plan that includes free roaming or paying for roaming only when they roam,” he said.

As a result of the decision, new and upgrading users will have to pay up to £2 per day to use their monthly data, voice, and text allowances beginning August 11th.

Travelers who use the network will be able to lower their roaming costs to £1 per day by purchasing an 8 or 15-day multi-day pass.

The costs will not apply to customers traveling to the Republic of Ireland.

Operators could impose charges as a result of Brexit, albeit the major four network providers – EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone – have stated that they have no intentions to do so.

When traveling to impacted EU nations, a daily cost of £2 will be charged to use your full EE data, minutes, and text allowance.

However, there are multi-day permits available for £1 each day that may be purchased in advance. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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