When Kate Middleton is out in public, she uses a jewelry trick to ‘add attention’ – the Royal isn’t shy.


When Kate Middleton is out in public, she uses a jewelry trick to ‘add attention’ – the Royal isn’t shy.

Like many royals, KATE MIDDLETON has an extensive jewelry collection. An expert has provided feedback on the jewelry she has chosen to assist “add intrigue.”

The Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are two royals who are noted for accessorizing their outfits with unique pieces of jewelry. The items worn by the Duchess of Cambridge drew the attention of an expert.

Kate regularly accessorizes her fashionable ensembles with pieces from her jewelry collection.

On her wedding finger, the princess usually wears three bands, including a Welsh gold wedding band and a rose gold gem believed to be a present from Prince William when Prince George was born.

The Duchess will also be seen wearing Princess Diana’s renowned sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

The spectacular piece has a sapphire in the center and is estimated to be worth over £300,000.

However, Kate’s colorful jewelry isn’t the only thing she likes to wear.

Anthony French, a diamond expert at Austen & Blake, explained that Kate – and other members of the Royal Family – aren’t scared of a splash of color.

“The royals aren’t afraid to wear color,” he added, “but it isn’t for everyone and that’s good. “Adding color gently using your accessories is a terrific way to add interest to any outfit.” Kate could be aiming to “add interest” to her appearances by wearing colorful gems, according to the expert.

Kate has achieved this by pairing her jewelry with brightly colored clothing.

This is in contrast to royals like Meghan Markle, who has previously worn colorful jewelry with neutral clothing, according to the expert.

“Meghan is a wonderful example of this since she prefers little pops of color in her jewelry, which frequently complements a more neutral or colorless outfit,” Anthony continued.

“On the other side, Kate Middleton is the polar opposite.

“More receptive of a colorful dress or jacket, Kate can often be seen matching her jewelry to the color of her clothing.” Queen Elizabeth II is also a fond of accessorizing her appearances with jewelry.

The monarch owns approximately 100 brooches, many of which are colorful and will be worn with her dresses.

Anthony stated that wearing colorful jewelry is something that anyone can do at home.

This is something he suggests doing to liven up an outfit and “add elegance.”

“When choosing jewelry, go for a ring or necklace with a colored gemstone,” according to Brinkwire Summary News.


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