When it comes to permanent makeup, how long does it last? Is it really worth it?


When it comes to permanent makeup, how long does it last? Is it really worth it?

Permanent makeup saves time and eliminates the stress of having to perfect your winged eyeliner or ombre brow every day… Is it, however, worthwhile? When it comes to permanent makeup, how long does it last?

Sutherland MacDonald, a British tattoo artist, is credited with creating the first permanent makeup in 1902, but the skill has since evolved and polished. Permanent makeup is now more like semi-permanent makeup, and while it isn’t permanent, it still lasts a long time when compared to ordinary wash-off makeup. There are a variety of procedures available, and many celebrities and gorgeous people wake up every day with a full face of permanent makeup already applied. Are you considering completing it? According to Tracie Giles, www.traciegiles.co.uk, a semi-permanent make-up artist, here’s everything you need to know.

The eyebrows are the most common part of the face when permanent makeup is applied.

“Brows placed Permanent Makeup on the map, and they’re still the most popular Permanent Makeup treatment,” Tracie explained.

The two main permanent brow procedures are Microblading and Digital Tattooing, which are essentially just alternative methods of implanting pigment in the skin.

“Microblading uses a little handled blade, whereas Digital Tattooing uses an electrically driven handpiece and needle, which is more like traditional tattooing,” the Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist explained.

“Permanent Brows come in a variety of styles, from highly natural Hairstroke Brows to more defined Ombré and Powder Brows to the latest in Eyebrow Tattooing – Hyper Realism Brows, which is only offered at a handful of clinics worldwide, including Tracie Giles London.”

You’ve definitely heard of microblading, which involves having your brows permanently painted on, but it’s not the only type of semi-permanent makeup available.

Semi-permanent treatments for the lips, cheeks, eyelids, nipples, scalp, and more are available at some clinics.

“In the last few years, we have noticed a big surge in the popularity of Lip Blush treatments and Eyeliner Tattooing at Tracie Giles London,” Tracie stated.

“Lip Blushing gives a rich flush of color across the lips, providing definition and the illusion of volume — it’s like having a permanent lipstick in the right shade tailored specifically for you.

“Permanent Eyeliner comes in a variety of styles, just like conventional Eyeliner – from a delicate lash enhancer to a more dramatic liquid effect liner to a stunning smoky Whipshaded Eyeliner.”

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