When it comes to houseplant care, knowing when to water your plant is crucial.


When it comes to houseplant care, knowing when to water your plant is crucial.

MANY indoor plant enthusiasts like to keep houseplants strewn about their homes to add a splash of color, but what are the most important houseplant care guidelines?

Houseplants have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their benefits such as purifying the air and brightening up a drab environment.

While some indoor plants can survive with little attention, others require more.

One expert has shared the best plant care advice as well as which plants are the easiest to maintain.

There are a few essential tips to know if you’re new to caring for houseplants.

Jo Lambell, the founder of Beards and Daisies, spoke exclusively to This Website about important houseplant care tips.

The “key” tip for caring for houseplants, according to Jo, is to know when they need watering.

“Knowing when to water your plant is crucial!” she explained.

“We can often kill with our kindness – we’re so eager to be attentive and care for our plants that we overwater them, causing them to die.”

“Before watering, always check their soil.”

Jo demonstrated a simple method for determining when houseplants require watering.

“It’s a good time to water if the top two inches feel dry to touch,” she said.

According to Jo, overwatering plants can cause discolored leaves and leaf drop.

“Overwatered plants will show their distress with brown leaves,” she said.

“These, too, are frequently wilted and droopy.

“There are a variety of reasons why plants lose their leaves, and one of the most common is overwatering.”

The amount of care and attention required by each houseplant varies.

Jo mentioned a few easy-to-care-for houseplants in particular.

“There are so many low-maintenance houseplants,” she said. “Succulents and cacti, in particular, are incredibly low-maintenance because they require very little watering or attention to thrive.”

“The snake plant is another low-maintenance plant that can thrive with little light and water.”

“It will look after you by improving the air quality of your home, in addition to being extremely hardy and low maintenance.”

“It will last three to four weeks without being watered.”

Beards and Daisies is a company that grew out of a passion for beards and daisies.

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