When it comes to children, a legal expert gives a warning regarding something that all parents should do.


When it comes to children, a legal expert gives a warning regarding something that all parents should do.

A LEGAL expert has highlighted a crucial step that all parents should do when they have a kid, but few do.

While many people pick a godparent for their child, only a small percentage choose a guardian. A legal guardian is the person you would choose to raise your child if you were unable to do it yourself, making it an important step to take early on.

Although contemplating death can be distressing, if both parents die while their child is under the age of 18, and no legal guardian has been appointed, the courts may select someone to act on their behalf.

Frisk, a legal agency, offers a family risk report, and if you’re a parent, one of the first questions it’ll ask is if you have a will and designated a legal guardian for your child.

A widespread misconception is that a godparent has a legal obligation to care for your child if you pass away, but this is not the case.

A godparent is not obligated to become a kid’s legal guardian if the child’s parents die while the child is a minor, but it is rather typical for them to be asked to do so.

Choosing the proper person to be your child’s guardian is a significant decision, but it’s likely to be preferable than allowing a court to make the decision.

When it comes to picking a guardian, courts do not follow a specific order (for example, grandparents come first), making it all the more vital to do so while you are still alive.

In extreme situations, if no guardian has been appointed and no one is willing to take on your child’s care who the court believes is capable of doing so, your children will be placed in local authority care.

Unmarried fathers must ensure they have parental responsibility rights over their children; if they do not, and the mother does not appoint them as guardian of their child, the father will have to apply to the court for an order to become the legal guardian.

“My suggestion is always to remove any uncertainty about who you would choose,” Martin Holdsworth, founder and director of IDR Law and Frisk, stated.


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