When is the third season of You going to be released?


When is the third season of You going to be released?

Season 3 of YOU is closer than people may imagine, as a release date has been set. When will Season 3 of Netflix’s blockbuster show premiere?

You is coming back to Netflix for a third season, and fans are delighted to see Penn Badgley reprise his role as the psychotic Joe.

Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), his new romantic partner, surprised audiences when she killed Candace in the season two finale (Ambyr Childers).

Love and Joe were then seen moving in next to an innocent family, leading to speculation that Joe had his sights set on a new victim.

The new series’ official Twitter account posted a picture of a slice of cake with the date 10.15.21 inscribed on it.

“Whoever said raising a child would be easy?” they continued. YOU S3 will be released on October 15th.”

A cake is being cooked in the video, and Joe’s voice can be heard saying to his young son, “For you, I can change.” I’ll be a role model for you.

“A man you will be happy to refer to as your father. So, what shall we call you? A strong name that isn’t scary. Classic, yet not rudimentary. Of course, you’ll grow up in a house full of books, so you’ll be surrounded by them. Henry.

“Choosing your name is the first of many decisions I’ll make over the course of your life to provide you the greatest life possible, to protect you, and to mold you into the person you’ll become. Henry, who are you going to be?

Fans expressed their excitement for the next installment in the comments section, with one writing: “FORTY-SIX DAYS LEFT!! THE TIME HAS COUNTED DOWN.”

“Terrifying parents, but at least he has a cute name,” another added.

When Love turned against Candace as she sought to console her in the season two finale, viewers were taken aback.

She discovered the truth about her schizophrenic spouse, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to be with him.

Instead, she pressed a shattered bottle against Candace’s throat and stood there watching her die in front of her.

Fans wondered if Love and Joe would turn into the ultimate bad pair in the third season.

Joe is renowned for fast moving on to a new target, so watchers are expecting him to meet someone new in the. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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