When is Egypt going to be added to the amber list?


When is Egypt going to be added to the amber list?

Egypt remains on the UK’s red list, which indicates that British citizens should only visit under “extraordinary circumstances.” So, when is Egypt going to be included to the amber list?

Arrivals from Egypt will be placed in a quarantine hotel for a ten-day stay, during which they will be required to take Covid tests on their second and eighth days in isolation. Egypt is now off the radar for many Brits as a holiday destination; when will it be added to the UK’s amber list?

Egypt will have to be crossed off the list of potential holiday spots for sun-seeking Britons.

Travel to nations on the UK’s red list is prohibited for vacations and “non-essential” travel.

More nations are added to the amber list with each travel review.

The reviews take place every three weeks, and in the most recent update, countries including India and the United Arab Emirates were moved from the red to the amber list.

However, due to an increase in new covid cases, Turkey and Egypt stayed red.

On August 25, the next travel review will be released.

Travel experts expect that Egypt will be transferred to the amber list, allowing Brits to have a last-minute vacation there.

Egypt’s covid instances appear to be declining, and as the country vaccinates a larger portion of its people, it appears that the country will be removed from the red list.

The amber lists are being watched just as closely as the green lists in the United Kingdom.

This is due to the government’s decision to eliminate the requirement for fully vaccinated people to be quarantined upon arrival from countries on the Amber List.

The traveller is responsible for the cost of quarantining, which has lately increased.

This was done, according to the government, “to ensure that taxpayers are not subsidizing the costs of residing in these institutions.”

Arrivals from nations on the red list are regarded as extremely dangerous.

Upon arrival, passengers must stay in a government-approved hotel for ten days.

Hotel quarantine costs have risen from £1,750 to £2,285 for a single adult.

A second adult occupying the same room now costs £1,430.

A week’s stay will cost £325 for youngsters aged five to twelve, while it will be free for children under five.


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