When I stripped naked for a charity calendar shot, I was shocked to discover that I’d completely misinterpreted the brief.


When I stripped naked for a charity calendar shot, I was shocked to discover that I’d completely misinterpreted the brief.

A MUM’S face was flushed after she appeared naked for a charity calendar, only to discover she was supposed to be wearing clothes.

Clare Pert, from Leeds, collaborated with a group of friends to create the calendar in order to collect funds for a local hospice.

The mother of three bravely ran for April, concealing her modesty with an Easter-themed yellow duck teddy.

When the calendar was completed, the group convened to take a look at their work as a whole.

Clare realized she had made a serious mistake as they flipped through the months of January, February, and March.


While she had assumed they were performing a nude shoot because it had been stated previously, it turned out that everyone else had kept their kecks on and were generally fully clothed or in swimsuits.

Despite being embarrassed by her mistake, the business analyst is now able to joke about it after posting the photo on Facebook in 2010.

When they get together, her buddies joke that she should “not turn up stalkers.”

Clare revealed that she was 16 weeks pregnant at the time of the shoot and was running late, so she just ran in and stripped off.

She stated, ” “I chose April since it was the month in which my son was due. When it was my turn, I stepped into the photographer, stripped down to my underwear, and proudly announced, ‘Where do you want me?!'” I couldn’t figure out why the photographer and his wife were so surprised, but I figured it had something to do with the fact that I was the only pregnant woman there.

“They’d already seen the woman gardens of January, February, and March, so why was I any different?”

It wasn’t until later that she realized what those perplexed expressions really meant.

Clare’s memories became viral after she published it on Facebook, and it now has over 17k likes.

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