When his children are alone at home, his father provides a “brilliant” tip for encouraging them to complete chores.


When his children are alone at home, his father provides a “brilliant” tip for encouraging them to complete chores.

The parent shared a letter he leaves for his kids when he goes out of the house on Facebook, and it motivates them to clean instead of gaming.

Every parent knows how difficult it is to get their children to do their duties. Even the most obedient youngsters will occasionally refuse to help with the dishes! After all, we can’t say we blame them… When they could be having fun, few individuals enjoy doing housework.

However, it is critical to instill in our children a feeling of responsibility and work ethic. Even if it does turn into a fight on occasion.

Well, one father devised a creative technique to ensure that his children complete their assigned tasks even when he is not present to harass them. It only needs a simple note to accomplish this.

He shared his brilliant trick with the over a million members of the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook page, and fellow parents stated they would follow suit.

According to the Mirror, the father published a photo of the note he leaves his children.

“Unload and refill the dishwasher,” it said. Then snap a photo of it. Then go on a walk with the dog and take a picture of it.

“Then send me both photos, and I’ll tell you where your Xbox’s power cord is.”

“Thanks! Dad, I adore you.” “I suppose this is one way of making your kids work for their gaming time,” the astute parent wrote in the description. Over 600 parents praised his concept and reacted on the hack.

“I LOVE THIS!!!” one individual wrote. “Keep doing it,” one person said, while another said, “I’m going to try this with my spouse.” “Last weekend, I switched off WiFi for an hour until chores were done,” a parent shared. “It was a great way to get everyone moving.” “I did this with my son once,” someone else added. I told him I needed a picture showing the bed made and the room spotless. He took a screenshot from the internet. That day, he was unquestionably victorious.” Is this something you could do with your kids? Let us know in the comments…


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