When her date went to the bathroom, a stranger slipped her a “Red Flags” note.


To say that dating has its ups and downs is a light way of putting it: it’s a straight-up cesspool with tiny shimmers of hope. It’s those awful experiences, however, that make the prospect of potentially finding someone feels that much more exhilarating. Even when we think there’s a shot that this person might be “the one” we go nuts. When our phone goes off, we hope it’s them. We care a little bit more about our appearance when we head out for the date and the butterflies never stop.

And then either two things happen: they keep things going and we’re more and more excited to spend time with them and get that warm and fuzzy sensation all over again, and again. Or something happens that completely ruins whatever potential magic was there.

For Twitter user Hadia__S, it’s unknown whether or not she had that warm and fuzzy feeling prior to this first date, but we do know there definitely wasn’t any magic by the time it was over.

In fact, there was such a dearth of magic that at least one other individual in the coffee shop where she was having her date picked up on big “red flag” energy coming off the guy who was sitting across from her.

Red flags that were so glaring, this stranger decided to write a note and secretly hand it to Hadia__S urging the woman to “Run.”

He wrote the note on the back of a CVS receipt, which means he could’ve probably penned a chapter of a Tolstoy novel if he wanted to. However, the message was loud and clear, and Hadia seemed to agree.

I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note 😂😭😂😭 pic.twitter.com/LgIVsrvlwx

Ok, I’ll share more..while trying to remain as vague as possible. But we did not see eye to eye on the Da Baby situation 😂 and he’s a Kevin Samuels fan. I had to look him up and was immediately taken aback lmao

“I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note,” she commented in the tweet which contained an image of the note.

I recognized the red flags, but I wasn’t in danger, so I stayed, because of… Brinkwire short summary.


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