When Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall travels, she brings a special tipple with her in case of “trouble.”


When Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall travels, she brings a special tipple with her in case of “trouble.”

CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, is a seasoned traveler. As a result, she’s tweaked her packing list to make sure she’s ready for anything. Surprisingly, though, this frequently entails bringing a specific alcoholic beverage.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, frequently travels the world on behalf of the Royal Family. The Duchess has enough experience flying on numerous important trips to ensure she is well prepared for practically any circumstance.

She and Prince Charles, according to royal insiders, even stave off danger by bringing alcoholic beverages in their suitcases.

Though it may appear to be an excessive request, the royal couple has a very significant purpose for doing so.

Gordon Rayner, a royal correspondent who has covered 20 royal visits, explained that the two bring their own drinks for security reasons.

“Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall occasionally bring their own alcohol,” Mr Rayner explained, “so there’s no risk of their drinks being spiked.”

The Duchess of Cornwall is a big admirer of one drink in particular, and it’s likely that she’ll be sipping it while she’s on vacation.

Mr Rayner claims that the Duchess enjoys red wine.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, prefers something a little stronger.

Mr Rayner stated to CN Traveller that the future Monarch prefers a gin and tonic.

Despite the fact that the beverages are packed for the plane, neither Camilla nor Prince Charles go near their wrapped up belongings in order to increase security.

Instead, security personnel are responsible for transporting their drinks from point A to point B.

“Their police bodyguard will surreptitiously bring a bag containing their drinks,” Mr Rayner explained.

The Duchess is said to have a variety of packing essentials, including her own personal booze supply.

In fact, she prefers to bring specific fitness gear to ensure she maintains “good ageing.”

Camilla was discovered to be a big admirer of yoga during a royal visit to Singapore, and she tried it out while she was there.

In his 2018 book Queen of the World, royal author Robert Hardman gave specifics of this revelation.

Mr Hardman stated, “The Duchess is touring a community centre where she tries her hand at art, flower arranging, and cooking, as well as dropping in on a yoga class for senior folks.”

“As she steps in, they all meekly freeze in place.

“She notices a ‘back brick’ and informs us.

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