When attempting to avoid the New Year’s Eve rave, French police attacked


Bottles and stones hurled at police at a Brittany event of 2,500 participants

Revellers who torched a police car and wounded officers by throwing bottles and stones assaulted police attempting to break up an underground, curfew-busting New Year’s Eve party attended by at least 2,500 people in western France.

According to the regional government, hundreds of vehicles gathered in a hangar in Lieuron, Brittany, on Thursday night to celebrate the New Year on Friday.

Police were targeted as they attempted to avoid the installation of their party equipment by ravers, it said.

As of Friday morning, 2,500 ravers from France and abroad, surrounded by an increased police presence, were still partying, the regional government said.

A variety of potential criminal charges are being investigated by prosecutors. Despite a nationwide 8 p.m., the party was kept Towards 6 a.m. In France, a curfew was imposed to discourage public meetings during the pandemic.

Partygoers, however, demanded understanding via lockdowns and curfews to restrict coronavirus infection after months of nightlife disruption.

The ravers had to let themselves go, said a volunteer from an aid group who distributed masks, anti-viral gel and health advice at the techno crowd. He said that by not exchanging joints or drinks, the ravers attempted to remain healthy. After attending the rave, their squad, Techno+, advised partygoers to self-isolate for a week and then get checked. The group also said that the hangar that was disused was airy and well ventilated.

Ever since the pandemic started, France has recorded more than 64,000 deaths linked to viruses.


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