What’s in store for Gemini this month, according to the August horoscope?


What’s in store for Gemini this month, according to the August horoscope?

A month of socializing and romancing is in store for GEMINIS. The Gemini horoscope for August 2021 is below.

Although Gemini season is passed, this month appears to be quite good for the twins’ sign. Geminis should expect a very pleasant month filled with networking, meeting new people, spending time with loved ones, and possibly embarking on a new endeavor. This website spoke with Bex Milford (@cosmic cures on Instagram), an astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer, and creator of the Moon Child Sorority, to learn about the Gemini August horoscope for 2021.

As the Sun shines in your third house, Gemini, expect to spend most of August networking, building important connections, or making an impact in your neighborhood.

“It’s Leo Season, so the objective is to step into the stage, have confidence, and advertise ourselves,” Bex explained.

“This will most likely take the shape of your communication and contacts for you, so seize the opportunity to participate in a community initiative, take the spotlight locally, or join a group of like-minded people!”

If you’re not meeting new people, you might prefer to talk to individuals you know and get things done.

“You may also find yourself communicating with siblings more or receiving important information from them,” Bex added.

“The majority of the month will most likely be a whirlwind of activity, with to-do lists, errands, and short travels all likely to appear.

“Make sure you don’t burn out and give yourself time to connect with your inner kid and enjoy yourself!”

On August 11, as Mercury enters Virgo, you may find it difficult to make judgments.

“You’re partly led by your rational thinking and partly by your emotional ties,” Bex explained.

“Talking to relatives and loved ones can usually bring you comfort and reassurance.

“Their point of view or willingness to listen will aid you in overcoming any reservations!”

When Venus returns to Libra on August 16, thoughts shift to romance, and your capacity for passion soars!

“When Venus is in Libra, romance is more prevalent in our lives,” the astrologer explained.

“The fact that it is also your fifth house of romance and pleasure adds to this for you.”

Around August 16, you’ll naturally exude charm and be captivating, so keep a look out for anyone with whom you might have chemistry!

“If you’re already in,” Bex continued. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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