What’s in store for Aries this month, according to the October horoscope 2021?


What’s in store for Aries this month, according to the October horoscope 2021?

ARIES, For you, October is all about love and relationships. The Aries horoscope for October 2021 is below.

In October, whether you’re single or married, Aries, you’ll be in a lot of love. However, things will not flow smoothly throughout the month. This website spoke with Bex Milford (@cosmic cures on Instagram), an astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer, and creator of the Moon Child Sorority, to learn about the Aries October horoscope for 2021.

Prepare yourself, Aries, for your love life will be in the spotlight at the start of October.

When it comes to partnerships, the New Moon on October 6 will signify fresh starts or new beginnings.

“If you’re in a relationship, you might find it progressing to the next level or achieving a condition of restored balance,” Bex said (the Moon is in Libra after all).

“Now is the best time to meet someone if you’re looking for love.”

Even though this month’s theme is love and romance, you aren’t exempt from delving deep and addressing your personal difficulties.

“It’s critical to recognize and work through any issues of co-dependency or relying on others to make you happy,” Bex added.

“When you accept that you are whole as you are, and that a relationship will only enhance that, you will become genuinely magnetic.”

“Let’s not forget that Mars is also in Libra, indicating the possibility of a dynamic new partnership.”

“Alternatively, set up a date with your present flame and revive the romance!”

This month, Venus in Sagittarius brings harmony to your relationships.

“You might find yourself wanting to go on a trip or try something new with a loved one,” Bex recommended.

“Or a mystery stranger from another nation might attract your attention!”


On October 20, there will be a Full Moon in your sign, which is incredibly hopeful and thrilling.

“Expect to tie up loose ends, conclude a job that’s eaten up a chunk of your time, or witness something come to a natural conclusion when the Full Moon in Aries appears,” Bex explained.

“The secret is to not try to control things; instead, go with the flow!”


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