What You Should Know About Legendary Comedian Mort Sahl’s Death


What You Should Know About Legendary Comedian Mort Sahl’s Death

Mort Sahl, a legendary comedian and political satire, died on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at the age of 94. Throughout the era of McCarthyism and the Cold War, Sahl was one of the most bombastic voices of the twentieth century, with caustic political satire. Fans are already reminiscing on his illustrious career.

Last month, a friend of Sahl confirmed his death to The New York Times, revealing that he died at his Mill Valley, California, home. Sahl’s career dates back to the 1950s, when he broke the societal taboo against discussing politics in comedy clubs, eliciting laughter from the audience. He fired his ferocious satire at politicians on all sides of the political aisle, oblivious to the risk of retribution. It paid off when Sahl was featured on the cover of Time Magazine for the first time in August of 1960. He was dubbed “Will Rogers with teeth” at the time. Although Sahl’s father was an American citizen who worked as an FBI clerk and wrote unpublished plays, he was born in Montreal, Canada. Sahl’s family relocated to Los Angeles, California when he was young, and after a brief tour in the US Army, he attended the University of Southern California.

Sahl dabbled in stand-up comedy early on, landing his first large job at Berkeley, California’s famed “hungry I club in 1953. He immediately established himself apart from other comics by taking on stuff straight from the headlines, regardless of whether or not it would alienate listeners or people of a certain political leaning. “For a while, every time the Russians placed an American in jail, the Un-American Activities Committee would retaliate by throwing an American in jail as well,” he said in one of his most famous — and controversial — jokes. Sahl was a popular guest on talk shows and in the stand-up circuit throughout the years, reputedly earning approximately (dollar)1 million per year. Until his death, he continued to spout off-the-cuff political remarks. He took aim at both previous presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump on Twitter, writing to Trump, “I’m seriously wounded after five years of Barack Obama, but I can’t locate a doctor.” Over the years, Sahl’s work has been featured in books, memoirs, and television series. Possibly the best single location to observe a… Summary of Entertainment News from Brinkwire.


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