What year does The Larkins take place in?


THE LARKINS just premiered on ITV, introducing a new generation of fans to the beloved story. But what year is the show set?

The Larkins on ITV paints an idyllic portrait of British family life in days gone by. From the location to its characters, the story, originally written by HE Bates, has become beloved for its sweet slice of life storytelling. Once again set in Kent, the streets of the village have been transformed, taking viewers back to decades past.

For new fans just discovering The Larkins for the first time, it wouldn’t take long to notice the show takes place decades ago.

However, no specific date is given for the new series. But it is known to take place in the late 1950s.

The six-part series gives fans an idealised view of life in 1950s England, following the Larkin family as they navigate everyday life.

Starring Bradley Walsh as Pa Larkin and Joanna Scanlan and Ma Larkin, the story actually isn’t the first adaptation of the classic tale.

Older fans will remember The Darling Buds of May, originally airing from 1991 to 1993.

This was similarly set in the late 1950s, as this is when the original book debuted.

As such, it is largely accepted to take place in 1958, which is when HE Bates published the first novel in the series.

Bates ultimately released five books in the series, with the new show following the events seen in the first novel.

Speaking to British Period Dramas, star Walsh detailed how its setting in 1950s Britain impacts the story and how it reflects the charges of today.

Walsh explained: “This is a big family values show – this is about caring, worrying and loving all about your nearest and dearest.

“I think the pandemic has brought a lot of people closer together and they’ve realised how much they miss people in their lives and to stop rushing around, stop chasing and spend time more time with your family.

“This show takes you back to the days when none of that rushing around existed, there were no mobile phones, there was no internet, when you needed something you had to go and ask them [face to face].”

Walsh went on to explain how viewers can learn a lot about how people lived their lives in the 1950s and how people can learn. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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