What was the first time Prince William and Kate Middleton met? The love story that led to their marriage.


What was the first time Prince William and Kate Middleton met? The love story that led to their marriage.

WILLIAM AND KATE met at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where William was studying Geography and Kate was studying History of Art.

Before the future Duchess of Cambridge captured the young prince’s eye at a fashion presentation in a see-through garment, the two were friends. Prince William was looking forward to starting university and being a regular student on a university campus away from the cameras.

Kate assured, according to royal expert Robert Lacey, that she would end up in university, where she might ideally make friends with William.

Lacey wrote in his book, “Battle of Brothers,” that Kate was “extremely strategic.” She forewent a spot at one of Britain’s top universities, Edinburgh, in favor of a different institution with a lower academic standard.

“She had already gone to Edinburgh to sort out her living lodgings, but she changed universities and changed her courses to history of art because William was interested in it.

“She postponed her own schooling by a year and even gambled on not getting into St. Andrews,” Lacey said, adding that once William revealed he would be attending St Andrews, applications surged by 44 percent, indicating Kate was not alone.

William and Kate shared a hall of residence at St Andrews named St Salvator’s during their fresher’s year in 2001.

They instantly became friends, since they had many interests, and they began socializing and playing tennis together.

Prince William spent £200 for a front-row seat at a fashion show in March 2002, where Kate wore a see-through lace dress that revealed her amazing black underwear.

It’s reasonable to say that this piqued the 19-year-interest, old’s and the two were said to develop affections for one another around this time.

When William was considering quitting his first year of university, Kate was credited with persuading him to persevere.

At the start of their second year, they moved into a four-bedroom Edwardian townhouse.

Kate was seeing another student at the time, Rupert Finch, but their friendship was apparent, according to their university classmates.

The couple was seen in March 2004 at the Swiss ski resort Klosters, providing visual evidence that they were romantically linked.

They were photographed at Klosters again the following year, this time with Prince Charles, which seemed to confirm their closeness within the Royal Family.

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