What was the cause of Art LaFleur’s death, and who was he?


What was the cause of Art LaFleur’s death, and who was he?

TRIBUTES have poured in in the wake of Art LaFleur’s death.

Following a long battle with sickness, the much-loved actor, best remembered for playing Babe Ruth in the legendary baseball film The Sandlot, passed yesterday. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Art LaFleur was born in 1943 in Gary, Indiana, and went on to play college football in the 1960s.

He didn’t start acting until 1975, when he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, starring in Rescue From Gilligan’s Island (1978) and making guest roles on Charlie’s Angels, Lou Grant, and M.A.S.H.

Art rose to prominence after portraying Babe Ruth in the 1993 classic family picture The Sandlot, and went on to play roles in several baseball-themed films, including 1989’s Field of Dreams.

Other films in which he has appeared include The Blob, A Cinderella Story, Speed Racer, and House Hunting.

Art appeared in episodes of Malcolm in the Middle, The Bernie Mac Show, and JAG on television.

According to his wife, Shelley, Art died on November 17, 2021, after a 10-year fight with Parkinson’s disease.

At the age of 78, the actor died quietly at home, surrounded by his family.

Shelley and Art had been married for 43 years.

On September 4, 1981, the couple married for the first time.

“He (Art) gave amusement to so many people as Babe Ruth in the Sandlot, The Tooth Fairy in The Santa Clause 2 and 3, and Chick Gandil in Field of Dreams, to mention a few,” Shelley wrote on Instagram.

“He was a wonderful and selfless man, and that showed in his acting, but it was more significantly who he was to his family and friends.”

“I was very fortunate to have enjoyed a 43-year relationship with a man who valued and adored me,” she continued.

“Art was larger than life to us, and it meant everything.”

Art and Shelley allegedly had two children together, although little else is known about them.

Following his passing, tributes poured in from fans ready to pay their respects.

“Rest in peace, Art LaFleur,” one person wrote. “A large character actor who was frequently cast in roles like huge softies and baseball players.” “RIP the legend, Art LaFleur,” said another. “Aw, man,” said a third. Art LaFleur, rest in peace. Whenever he appeared in a film, he always made me smile.”


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