‘What was he expecting!’ says Naughty Boy, who threatens to quit I’m A Celeb.


‘What was he expecting!’ says Naughty Boy, who threatens to quit I’m A Celeb.

After Tuesday’s episode of I’m A Celeb, NAUGHTY BOY threatened to quit the show, causing a social media outrage.

ITV’s long-awaited celebrity talent show I’m A Celeb returned on Saturday, and viewers are already disappointed. After losing a challenge on Tuesday’s episode, musician Naughty Boy threatened to leave the show, causing outrage on social media.

The stars of this season of I’m A Celeb were divided into two groups: one was segregated from the main camp, and the other was imprisoned in Castle Clink.

Naughty Boy was nominated by the Main Camp to face DJ Snoochie Shy in the latest trial, Treacherous Traps, as a member of the Clink.

“Maybe they think I’m the weakest,” the 36-year-old said after confessing he was disappointed about being chosen.

Naughty Boy lost the challenge despite this, and when he returned, he opened out to his fellow campmates and vowed to leave the show.

“I believe my time here is up,” he informed the group. I had a sense earlier and was thinking about my mother, and I obviously love you guys.” “I don’t know if I could ever join that camp after knowing what the Main Camp undoubtedly knew what they were putting me through knowing I did the challenge earlier,” the musician stated. Naughty Boy and Snoochie Shy were shackled with just one arm free to unthread 15 shields, lay them on a rack, and then use a magnet to get them into the collection area in order to win a supper for their encampment.

In typical I’m A Celeb fashion, the candidates were accompanied by a swarm of insects and rodents as they attempted to finish the task.

Richard Madeley, a former host of Good Morning Britain, attempted to appease Naughty Boy by asking, “Listen, because we enjoy having you with us, would you not at least sleep on it?”

“This isn’t a spur-of-the-moment major decision, I’ve tried my hardest both times today – I just can’t walk from here into the Main Camp, I can’t fake it, I’m sorry,” he responded.

“One thing I’ll tell you before you walk into the main camp, no matter how much they claim they love us, they love you – there is no love,” he explained.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by Naughty Boy.


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