What to Expect from Christmas at Nonnatus House Call The Midwife


It wouldn’t be Christmas for many people without Call The Midwife. The festive special, according to Helen George, who plays nurse Trixie Franklin, will be bright and full of celebrations, with holly and tinsel everywhere – a “fabulous holiday”

The story, written by Heidi Thomas (who is married to lead actor Stephen McGann), has been one of the most popular dramas on the network since its launch in 2012, with the festive episodes often the most-watched TV show on Christmas Day.

The escape it provides by taking us back to the 1960s is one of the reasons why audiences enjoy the series so much, which to many seems like a much simpler, kinder and gentler period.

And as the Covid 19 pandemic progresses, maybe we need something like that more than ever before.

Here, with the aid of some of our favorite stars from Call The Midwife, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the new show.

A CIRCUS arrives in town

The cast was in the Outer Hebrides last year for the Christmas special, but this time the celebrations are taking place far closer to the spiritual home of the show.

And there are some really thrilling scenes of the circus arriving in Poplar (which stars Peter Davison as Mr. Percival, the Ringmaster, by the way).

Cliff Parisi, who plays Fred Buckle, says, “Reggie [Daniel Laurie] and I make an excuse to go there to do a little trading with them, because it’s Christmas,”

“And we get a little preview, which is fabulous. It’s brilliant, it’s like a real circus. We have somersaults, trapeze acts, horses…. People will love it; it will take them back, because remember when we had the circus on TV on Christmas Day?”

As for the storyline, Parisi also teases that, at the end, there will be a “disaster at the circus and some kind of emergency”

He says, “Reggie goes missing and Fred has a little freak-out.” Hopefully, in the end, all will be perfect.

In the end… In the end,


Ella Bruccoleri, who plays Sister Frances, reveals that this Christmas she is going to be involved in a ‘beautiful’ story.

There’s an old character coming back that was really close to Shelagh [Laura Main]. And I’ll see the relation between them,”There’s an old character coming back that Shelagh [Laura Main] was really close to. And I’ll see the connection between them,”

“I haven’t really done a lot of births, so every birth story I get to do, I feel like I’m getting a little more up to speed.”

With the latest Covid 19 shooting limits, however, birth scenes have become harder, Bruccoleri confides.

Now, in any scene, we don’t have any interaction with the babies at all. Because it’s the mothers who have to dress up as us and move in for these shots; they’re wearing the full robes and stuff. And I suppose there’s going to be a lot of work this season with prosthetics instead of actual babies. But I think I’m really going to miss that, because one of the job’s benefits was being able to play with all these adorable items.


It turns out that someone tries to give her a subscription to a marriage service in Trixie’s Christmas storyline.

And how is she reacting to that?

“I think she’s generally pretty p***** on it,” George says, smiling. She copes pretty well and focuses on her future, but it’s a little bit of a shock. And it’s like taking the Band-Aid off and saying, ‘My God, is that what everybody’s worried about? Did I end up on dry ground here? Is this awful? They’ve all met a lover,’ or whatever. But it’s a pretty fun story for Christmas at the end of the day, and I’m speed dating – the Call The Midwife speed dating equivalent – with quite a few guys.


According to the actress Jenny Agutter, Sister Julienne is excited about the circus coming to town.

But Sister Monica Joan [Judy Parfitt], who has dementia and continues to get herself into trouble, also has to cope.

“I think she gets herself in trouble every Christmas, so it’s no surprise,” Agutter says.

I mean, the truth is Christmas, and for someone who is elderly, winter is always a tough time. We have seen her frailty, and I think that Sister Julienne is really worried about seeing how fragile she is.

Sweet family moments occur

McGann, who plays Dr. Patrick Turner, says that as a little child, Heidi enjoyed the circus, which is where the inspiration for the theme of the Christmas special came from.

The strand, I think, is beautifully touching, and we were all quite shocked at how wonderful it was.


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