‘What the hell is going on here?’ Viewers of Channel 4’s Gogglebox are anxious after the show abruptly ends.


‘What the hell is going on here?’ Viewers of Channel 4’s Gogglebox are anxious after the show abruptly ends.

When tonight’s episode of GOGGLEBOX abruptly ended, viewers were left perplexed.

Gogglebox returned to Channel 4 tonight, with viewers tuning in to see their favorite families catch up on the week’s television. However, it was the show’s conclusion that left several fans perplexed online, prompting them to take to Twitter to express their feelings.

When the stream went down, the television show was in the middle of its credit sequence.

Instead, it cut to a shattered screen with the words “BT Tower HD/36 SDI Channel 4.”

The station was soon turned back on, but viewers were left perplexed.

Many people turned to Twitter to express their feelings on the incident.

“Fuel shortages, driver shortages, worker shortages, and now the tellys are giving up too #Gogglebox,” remarked fan Onlyjoekin.


“What the hell was this all about?” CelioCyl continued.


“Well that was an abrupt ending to #Gogglebox on @Channel4” wrote TheOfficialTom.

Then 7matthewalker stated, “#Channel4 did a great job finishing #Gogglebox.”

Others were worried that the damaged screen meant something else.

“Says a lot about the world we live in that when the BT Tower broadcast screen comes up on #Gogglebox transmission, I automatically think serious emergency,” NotmynameGregg wrote.

“#Channel4 disappeared for a few seconds and I was totally ready for aliens to start proclaiming they were taking over #Gogglebox,” another user named The Worcester remarked.

“Well, that was strange; for a second, I thought London had been nuked!” Rantymcmoanface added, “#Channel4 #Gogglebox.”

Over the last few days, Channel 4 has had some technical difficulties.

Instead of the finale, the broadcaster showed an older episode of Married At First Sight UK last night.

The station apologized on social media for the blunder and other difficulties.

“Unfortunately, we’re still having some technical challenges, which means some viewers may have trouble watching our channels or accessing services,” they wrote.

“We apologize for the ongoing inconvenience; we’ll update you here as soon as we receive more information.”

A fire alarm went off at Channel 4 earlier this week, causing a sprinkler to shut down one of their systems.

Some channels fell off the air for a short time on Saturday evening.

Due to the problem, Channels 4 and 5 were both turned off for about 30 minutes.


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