‘What the hell!’ exclaims the narrator. Steph McGovern shares Channel 4 boss’s ‘worrying’ message.


‘What the hell!’ exclaims the narrator. Steph McGovern shares Channel 4 boss’s ‘worrying’ message.

STEPH MCGOVERN posted a “worrying” message she received from her Channel 4 employer on Instagram this morning.

Steph McGovern, 39, received a text from her Channel 4 supervisor, Vivek Sharma, that made her feel “worried” “instantly.” After being asked if she was “OK with heights” by a colleague, the Packed Lunch anchor became concerned, and she was later informed that she would be flying away later this week.

Steph posted a screenshot of her superior’s reply on her Instagram feed.

“Random question – you’re okay with heights, aren’t you?” it read. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Is there any time later this week when you’d be available? I need you to travel to the airport as soon as possible; a chopper will be waiting for you. Everything will be alright, I promise.” (sic)

Steph expressed her apprehension in reaction to Vivek’s ambitious message and questioned what he had planned.

“Erm… text from my boss (editor of @packedlunchc4 ) — the kind of text that says, ‘Nothing to worry about,’ and I start worrying right away!!

“What the hell does he have planned for the show’s return next week?”

People in the comments section claimed they “liked” these kinds of posts because they made them feel “excited.”

“Brilliant,” one person said. I really enjoy texts like this. xxx” xxx” xxx” xxx” xxx” xxx”


“It’ll all be alright – promise!” said a third person. “What could possible go wrong?” says the narrator.

“A re-enactment of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?” exclaimed a fourth.

The actress has been quite busy, as she has been covering the Paralympic Games for the past 18 days.

And, in anticipation of her monumental task, her boyfriend surprised her with a nice present.

The Packed Lunch star also wrote a beautiful remark alongside the box, which came from Rick Stein’s Restaurants.

“In other news,” she said, “take a look at what just arrived.” “It was a surprise gift from my wonderful spouse because I’m working 18 days in a row.” (sic)

The mother of one is very discreet about her personal life, keeping photos of her boyfriend and their two-year-old daughter out of the public eye. Her other half is thought to work in television production.

The former BBC Breakfast reporter recently opened up about her date nights with her. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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