‘What on earth are you talking about?’ Lord Sugar’s reservations regarding Stacey’s sister’s company before investing


‘What on earth are you talking about?’ Lord Sugar’s reservations regarding Stacey’s sister’s company before investing

STACEY SOLOMON has revealed why Lord Sugar was first hesitant to invest in her sister Jemma’s label business when she first offered the idea to him.

Jemma Solomon, Stacey Solomon’s sister, joined the Loose Women panelists today to talk about her label, The Label Lady, and memories with her sister. Stacey disclosed what Lord Sugar, 74, said to her sister on a Zoom call before deciding to invest during their conversation.

After quitting her work as a paediatric nurse in January 2020, Jemma started her firm with just £300.

The entrepreneur creates bespoke vinyl labels, which have been seen on the Instagram feeds of celebrities like Stacey and Mrs Hinch.

With the support of businessman Lord Sugar, Jemma’s popularity has expanded even further.

After asking small business owners to contact him, the Apprentice star invested in her company.

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According to Stacey, the businessman was initially skeptical of the concept.

They “couldn’t believe” the business mogul was interested at first, she claimed.

“I remember Jemma concluding her first zoom call and I said, ‘So, how did it go?’” the expecting mother continued.

“And she added, ‘

‘What on earth are these things?’ he exclaimed. What are these labels, exactly?’

She said, chuckling, that he couldn’t wrap his brain around it.

“After quitting my job as a pediatric nurse in January 2020, I started to make more because I was at home more,” Jemma previously said of her blossoming business.

“I needed a change and was looking for another work in the NHS at the time, performing float shifts between hospitals.

“I’ve always wondered if I’m good enough to make a living off of labels, so I figured I’d start selling them on the side and see what happens.

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“I never imagined it would take off as quickly as it has!”

Jemma spent her free time researching software and machinery online and using YouTube videos to learn how to run the printer.

She told The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine, “I taught myself how to do everything and had no expertise in business.”

In other news, the Loose Women panelist recently revealed that her older sibling was just diagnosed with cancer. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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