‘What makes you so happy?’ As a University Challenge contestant dabs, Jeremy Paxman is taken aback.


‘What makes you so happy?’ As a University Challenge contestant dabs, Jeremy Paxman is taken aback.

On University Challenge, one participant surprised JEREMY PAXMAN by dabbing after getting a correct answer.

On Monday night, Jeremy Paxman hosted University Challenge, which featured Wolfson College Oxford taking on The University of Bristol. As the BBC quiz began, the host’s attention was drawn to one player in particular. Paxman was taken aback by Wolfson’s Nowakowski’s bizarre celebrations.

Throughout the session, the Applied Linguistics student performed admirably and demonstrated a variety of ways to celebrate his correct responses.

“You’ll notice a country’s national flag.” Simply name it for ten points,” Paxman added.

Nowakowski instantly buzzed in with the solution for his team: “Granada.”

As the player dabbed in joy, Paxman acknowledged, “Granada is correct, yes.”

However, it appears that this was not his only bizarre way of rewarding himself, as he afterwards enthusiastically rejoiced once again.

“Wudi’s army subjugated lands as far west as the Fergana Valley,” Paxman inquired. This is in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, with the majority of the territory in which other country?” “Baby, it’s Uzbekistan!” Nowakowski screamed, his hands slamming into the desk in front of him.

As Paxman confirmed that it was, in fact, the correct response, the audience chuckled.

Nowakowski’s squad, unfortunately, was unable to defeat Bristol and thus did not advance to the following round of the competition.

Paxman, on the other hand, congratulated the team for “leading in the early stages” of the game.

“What made you so happy when you got Uzbekistan?” the quizmaster inquired.

“It’s a phenomenal country with great people, you know?” Nowakowski replied.

“OK, that’s enough from the Uzbek tourist board!” Paxman exclaimed, chuckling at the contestant’s remark.

Nowakowski joked, “Poland approved, yes.”

Fans on Twitter reacted angrily to the player’s odd celebrations throughout the show.

“Did that guy just dab because he got a flag right on #universitychallenge?” @AlysDrake1 wondered.”

“You think you’ve seen it all…,” @Joe081223 added. Then, on #UniversityChallenge, a mature man Dabs.” “I really like Nowakowski’s dab. #UniversityChallenge, “said @disFag_

“Was it the first dab in #UniversityChallenge history?” tweeted @Tweet Dec.

“Nowakowski is making the most of his #Universitychallenge appearance. #Uzbekistan @KateRobbins said, “Go for it, baby.”

“‘Baby,’ Nowakowski is only there for the party!” #universitychallenge, #universitychallenge, #universitychallenge “@millsyblue made a joke.


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