What is the total number of episodes in I Am?


What is the total number of episodes in I Am?

Tonight on Channel 4, I AM returns for a second season. But how many episodes are there in this anthology series’ second season?

I Am debuted in 2019 and featured an all-female British ensemble with a star-studded cast. The Channel 4 show has returned to tell fresh stories in the anthology drama series. But how many episodes does Season 2 have?

Season one of I Am, which premiered on Channel 4 in 2019, paired three British actresses to explore three diverse women’s tales and experiences.

Season one featured Samantha Morton from The Walking Dead, Gemma Chan from Line of Duty, and Vicky McClure from Line of Duty.

Suranne Jones of Doctor Foster, Letitia Wright of Black Mirror, Oscar contender Lesley Manville, and Ashley Walters of Top Boy star in Season 2 to carry on the legacy of the previous season.

Season two will consist of three episodes, each starring one of the project’s core cast members.

The three pieces will be independent of one another as part of an anthology series, yet they will have similar themes and tones.

Jones will play the title character in the first episode, titled I Am Victoria.

In I Am Victoria, Walters will play Jones’ spouse alongside Wright in the second episode and Manville in the third.

Dominic Savage, who also directed the first season, conceived the show.

Each of the series’ leads has collaborated extensively with Savage to tackle the challenging issues and guarantee that they are personal.

Jones made a statement about her casting with the season two announcement, saying she is “delighted to be engaged in the next series.”

“Dominic always presents important tales with tremendous compassion, and the process has been incredibly collaborative and transparent thus far, which is something I thrive on,” Jones concluded.

“I hope it resonates with people and contributes to ongoing dialogues about mental health.”

Except for the names of Jones’ Victoria, Wright’s Danielle, and Manville’s Maria, the actual storyline details of each episode have yet to be published.

Jones is most known for her roles in Doctor Foster and Scott & Baily, but she got her big break in Coronation Street as Karen McDonald.

Wright’s popularity has skyrocketed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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