What is the name of the doctor?


What is the name of the doctor?

Warning: This article contains Season 4, Episode 8 spoilers.

The doctors at Bellevue Hospital on New Amsterdam have had a particularly busy season.

They don’t seem to be able to catch a break.

After much ado, it appears that Dr.

Casey Acosta may be on his way out of the hospital.

Is Alejandro Hernandez still on the show, or has he left?

While it appeared that Casey would stay at Bellevue Hospital for a longer period of time, viewers saw him leave in Season 4, Episode 8.

The hospital was hit by a cyberattack, which knocked out all of their systems and put many patients’ lives in jeopardy.

To bring the services back online, the hackers demanded (dollar)10 million in cryptocurrency, forcing the hospital to make some difficult choices for the sake of its patients.

They eventually transferred the funds to the hackers, restoring service to all of their systems — but not without raising some eyebrows among staff members, particularly Casey.

Many of the other employees were shocked that (dollar)10 million in cryptocurrency could be transferred so quickly when the hospital desperately needed improvements.

To recoup the money lost as a result of the money transfer, 148 people were laid off from the hospital.

Employees like Agnes, Claude, Gladys, and Casey were seen packing up their belongings and handing in their hospital badges, as if they were leaving for good.

Many people were taken aback by this, as some of the show’s most beloved characters were abruptly removed.

Is it true, however, that they’ve left forever?

Alejandro Hernandez (@alejandro.r.hernandez) shared this.

While viewers watched Casey hand in his badge as one of the many staff members who were fired, it’s unclear whether this means Alejandro will be fired permanently.

There is some debate over whether Casey was actually fired from the hospital or if he voluntarily left because of the practices he witnessed during the crisis.

Because of this ambiguity, it’s unclear whether Alejandro’s time in New Amsterdam will come to an end here.

Given his importance to the show’s overall plot and the fact that the hospital is attempting to recoup some of the money it handed over during the…

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