What is the level of security in YOUR home? The number of students living in ‘unfit for habitation’ dwellings has been revealed.


What is the level of security in YOUR home? The number of students living in ‘unfit for habitation’ dwellings has been revealed.

NEW research has shown the terrible number of people in the UK who live in rented houses that have been considered ‘unfit for habitation,’ with one group in particular being affected. What should you truly anticipate when renting a property, especially as more people are priced out of the housing market and forced to rent? As more and more households in the UK are stung by exorbitant property prices, generation rent is on the rise. While the affordable housing crisis impacts everyone from low-income families to first-time homeowners, recent research shows that housing standards in the student housing market are just as bad. This is what you need to know about renting in the UK, with 83 percent of students renting properties that are “unfit for habitation.”

Despite being governed by the Homes Act 2018, the standard of leased housing in the UK continues to fall short of legal criteria.

The awful truth about student renting has been revealed thanks to data collected by Stint, which has prompted the government to impose stronger criteria on habitable housing.

Despite the fact that university students account for a large proportion of renters in the UK, the quality of student accommodation remains a source of concern.

With an 18 percent increase in the average student rent since 2020, students are being forced to forego even the most basic of living amenities for the sake of affordability.

The Homes Act of 2018 establishes a set of standards that must be met by private and social housing landlords in the United Kingdom.

This criterion is used to decide whether rental houses and flats in England are fit for human occupancy or not.

According to reports, four out of every five students are living in dwellings that are deemed inappropriate based on these criteria, putting thousands of kids at risk.

Tenants can file a complaint if they notice any of the following 29 things, according to government guidelines:

“Students having to put up with bad housing has always been seen as par for the course and as a bit of a joke,” Sol Schlagman, co-founder of Stint, told This website.

“This is an out-of-control joke.”

“No one should be forced to live in dangerous housing, especially when it costs hundreds of thousands of students their entire maintenance loan.”

Sol went on to say that increasing the standard of living for students is in the hands of the government. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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