What Is Bentellect, and What Does It Mean? Here’s Why a TikTok User Named Benny Boy Is Trending.


Although things can go incredibly viral on TikTok, there’s almost never just one thing trending at a time. There’s always a new wave of trending videos on the horizon, and the platform’s latest viral trend involves something called Bentellect. Now, many people want to know what Bentellect is, and who Benny Boy, the person the trend is about, is.

Bentellect is actually a user on TikTok, and he’s best known for responding to other trends in his videos. He has over 8 million followers, and often calls himself the “facts man.” He has been known to talk about everything from random tweets to distorted photos. Whatever he’s discussing, though, he works hard to make sure it’s a topic that his followers will be interested in or entertained by. He’s so popular on TikTok that every one of his videos has more than 1 million views.

When users refer to Benny Boy, Bentellect is the user they’re talking about. The trend around Bentellect wasn’t started by the man himself. In fact, it’s one of the strangest trends that’s ever been widely adopted on the platform. The trend usually starts with a user playing one of Bentellect’s videos and then showing an image of something scary. These videos also usually have audio that warns “Benny boy” to be careful or watch his back.

The voice is made using TikTok’s text-to-speech feature, and users can search for videos that are part of this trend by searching “bennyboy” on TikTok. One clip of audio is used quite frequently, and it features a voice saying “The only thing that doesn’t exist anymore is you Benny boy after we suck your soul from your body.”

The trend may seem quite strange, and that’s because it is. Nevertheless, Bentellect has taken to his channel to respond, and he doesn’t seem to be too disturbed by the ominous nature of many of these videos. In one post, he wrote “lmao” in the caption alongside a series of videos that discuss the trend. Although it may seem disturbing, it’s clear Bentellect knows that his popularity will lead to some odd trends.

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Most trends on TikTok start as a reaction to something, but it’s also possible for a trend to emerge seemingly out of nowhere. Recently, the process of… Brinkwire short summary.


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