What If Spider-Man Is Evil in No Way Home? Doctor Strange has taken the position of the MCU’s first Doctor Strange.


What If Spider-Man Is Evil in No Way Home? Doctor Strange has taken the position of the MCU’s first Doctor Strange.

According to our new fan hypothesis, the evil Doctor Strange version from the last episode of What If…? known as Strange Supreme appeared in the SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME trailer.

Marvel fans were distrustful of Doctor Strange after seeing the teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Sorcerer Supreme appeared to be acting strangely, and his casting of the spell to make the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man seemed out of character for him. Since the trailer went viral, some fans have speculated that we might be seeing Mephisto or a disguised Doctor Strange.

Intriguingly, the most recent episode of What If…? Not one, but two Doctor Strange versions were released this week.

What if, instead of losing his hands, Doctor Strange lost his heart? Using the Dark Dimension’s power, the Ancient One broke the timeline within that one reality into two.

One form of the Sorcerer Supreme gave up trying to use the Time Stone to bring a dead Christine Palmer back to life, but the other resisted.

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Strange Supreme was created after this terrible version of Doctor Strange absorbed demons.

After defeating and absorbing the good version of himself, the evil one was able to save Palmer at the scene of her vehicle accident.

However, the fabric of this universe disintegrated as a result of this, and The Watcher refused to interfere to preserve other realities throughout the multiverse.

And when Palmer died in Strange Supreme’s arms, this parallel universe vanished, leaving the program with a stunning conclusion.

But what if Strange Supreme slipped across the cosmos to the MCU in those dying moments and replaced the Doctor Strange we know?

His rash behavior in the What If…? episode is unmistakably similar to the version we saw in the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer.

In any case, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releasing three months after Tom Holland’s threequel, we wouldn’t be surprised if Strange Supreme makes an appearance here as well.

After all, witnessing both the good and the bad is part of the job.


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