‘What has become of this country?’ As he yells at demonstrators, James Jordan is left’really upset.’


‘What has become of this country?’ As he yells at demonstrators, James Jordan is left’really upset.’

JAMES JORDAN is one of the critics of the Blackwall Tunnel demonstrators.

After a video of a woman trying to go through the Blackwall Tunnel went popular earlier today, James Jordan took to social media. A distraught driver requested that Insulate Britain protesters leave so that she might get to her mother in the hospital.

A woman is seen appealing with the demonstrators to move out of the way in a video published by LBC.

Insulate Britain, a group of climate activists, has blocked the A12 near the Blackwall Tunnel.

“My mum is in the hospital!” a woman confesses to them in the touching video. I have to get to her right away.” She may be heard later questioning, “How can you be so selfish?” James, a former Strictly Come Dancing pro, published the footage on social media earlier today.

“What has this country become?” he wrote alongside it.

It’s terribly heartbreaking – that poor woman only wants to see her mother in the hospital.”


In response to his tweet, several of his followers mirrored his sentiments.

“This is really heartbreaking,” Paula Headen wrote.

“I understand individuals being passionate about their causes, but when it comes to people attempting to contact loved ones or needing immediate medical attention, something needs to be done.”

“They are doing absolutely nothing for their cause, how can anyone in their right mind think this is ok?” said user SCottY.

“They irritate me so much!”

Stephanie Hill wrote, “What is going on!!!!!”

Is the world absolutely insane? This is a very sad comment on our society.”

Others, on the other hand, sympathized with the demonstrators’ decision to block the route.

“I absolutely sympathize with the woman and realize how difficult it is,” JusticeForAll wrote in response to the original video.

“Would be really irritated in the same situation.”

“However, climate change is a major worry, and the government are failing to address it.

“It’s just a shame the woman and her mother are involved.”

“One thing purposefully not addressed here is 100,000’s+ of people will die when the onset of climate change is in full gear,” a social media user named The Perfect Gentleman wrote.

“You have to put that in context, no matter how heinous the demonstration appears to be.

“If the Blackwall Tunnel is frequently clogged, who is to blame?”



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