What happened to Vanessa’s sister and how did she die in Season 4 of Selling Sunset?


Season 4 of Selling Sunset: What happened to Vanessa’s sister and how did she die?

Season 4 of SELLING SUNSET is now available on Netflix, and it features some new agents.

Vanessa Villela’s sister: what happened to her?

Season four of Selling Sunset is now available on Netflix, and it promises more drama than ever before.

Fans will be interested to see how the Oppenheim Group’s dynamic changes now that some new agents have joined the firm.

Vanessa Villela, 43, joined the team and spoke about her deceased sister, Jackie.

Vanessa Villela, who had been working as a Mexican-American actress, decided to make a career change.

El Seor de los Cielos and Una Maid en Manhattan both feature the award-winning TV star.

She studied performing arts in Mexico before immigrating to the United States in 2017.

Vanessa called being a part of the cast of Selling Sunset a “dream come true” and said she was “honoured and excited” to be a part of it.

She talked about her sister’s death at the end of the first episode.

When the rest of the team inquired about her real estate experience, she stated that she had only been in the industry for a year.

She had been working on a network show, but due to a family bereavement, she stopped acting three years ago.

“When my sister died, she told me I should be a realtor like her because she was a realtor,” she cried.

“And I’m dedicating my career to her because she said, ‘Vanessa, you’d be incredible as a realtor.’

“‘You enjoy assisting others,’ and it’s been an incredible journey.”

“It was a side effect from medication,” she said when asked what happened to her sister.

“I never got to say goodbye…the first three months were a nightmare for me,” she said to the camera, speaking directly to the camera.

“I was unable to eat or sleep.

And I thought to myself,’she doesn’t want to see me like this, so I need to do something.’

“I began my healing process and received my license; I’m confident she is pleased and is guiding me every step of the way.”

The former actress referred to her sister as an “angel,” and the other agents vowed to become her sisters as well.

The actress has an Instagram account and recently posted a photo of herself with her “beautiful” sister.

Jackie, who used to work as a real estate agent in San Diego, recommended it.

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