What happened to the players that did not return to the game in the Squid Game?


What happened to the players that did not return to the game in the Squid Game?

Hundreds of debt-ridden contestants are forced to compete for money at the risk of death in the SQUID GAME. What happened to the players who left the game and did not return? Squid Game is a show that pushes viewers to consider a moral dilemma: what is the true cost of money. A group of people is thrust into a series of childish trials throughout the Netflix show, but if they fail, they pay the price with their lives. They are not, however, compelled to play, and many choose to abandon the game early. Here’s what happened to those that walked away.

The players are given the option to quit during episode two of Squid Game, named Hell.

All of the participants vote separately, with the choice split 50/50 until the final player decides.

This player is 001 or Oh Il-nam (played by Oh Yeong-su), who left the game as well, leading everyone to go home.

When Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and the other players return to their regular lives, they are met with the same challenges that brought them to the games in the first place: poverty, family troubles, and illness.

It’s not long until temptation strikes again, and the vast majority of the players choose to return of their own free will to compete for the 45 billion Korean won jackpot.

“The re-entrance rate is 93 percent,” one of the troops tells the Front Man (Lee Byung-hun), “out of 201 players, 187 players have returned.” “..

“Continue to monitor those who haven’t returned, and keep me updated,” says the Front Man.

However, the guys that did not return are never seen or mentioned again after this, leaving some fans wondering what happened to them.

User Candycoatedmuffin2 posted on Reddit: “Hopefully, we’ll find out what happened to those that didn’t return to the game. They imply that these individuals will be monitored, but why?” Because of the plot’s open-ended nature, some fans are hoping for a second season.

“Yeesss,” Wonderful Hunter 214 answered. I recall the man in the black mask telling me to keep an eye on them.

“I believe Gi-hun will take part in the game, but not as a player, and will do as he pleases.

“Also, the Squid game became quite popular, with one of the most popular cast members being. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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