What happened to Karls Monzon from Netflix’s Heist? What happened to him?


What happened to Karls Monzon from Netflix’s Heist? What happened to him?

The Netflix crime docu-series HEIST follows the theft of millions of dollars in cash. But, after the events in the documentary, what happened to Karls Monzon?

Heist is a true crime film that chronicles the story of a group of ordinary people who nearly stole millions of dollars. Karls Monzon is one of the members of this group, and his story is chronicled in a Netflix documentary. But where has Karls Monzon gone these days?

This story contains spoilers for the film Heist.

Karls Monzon, one of the members of the group who attempted to steal millions of money – $7.4 million (£5.3 million) to be exact – was introduced to fans over the course of six episodes.

The crime occurred in Miami International Airport, as depicted in the series, and was nearly one of the largest thefts in American history.

Karls and his wife really wanted a baby, but after numerous attempts and, unfortunately, multiple miscarriages, they decided to adopt.

However, because they were unprepared for the expenditures of adoption, Karls decided to take matters into his own hands.

Karls gathered a gang of his pals and plotted to steal $7.4 million in Miami, which is the subject of Netflix’s docu-series.

Karls spent weeks organizing the operation, much of which he spent viewing true-crime documentaries and criminal drama films in order to prepare for every eventuality.

The theft itself was straightforward; Karl’s friend Onelio Diaz, a Brinks security guard, notified Karl of a $80 million (£57 million) dump at Miami’s International Airport.

Once a week, a jet would arrive to deliver the cash, which was then placed onto the back of a vehicle with the doors flung open and no security to keep an eye on it.

With this information, Karls set about recruiting his team of friends and family, all of whom were ready to carry out the plan.

The theft went off without a hitch, save for a brief moment when Karls’ facemask fell off; nonetheless, no evidence was discovered at the scene.

Before rushing away, the group pulled up to the van, ordered the work to be done on the ground, and loaded the money into the van.

For months, the FBI struggled to find any leads on the culprits, but everything changed when they offered $150,000 in exchange for new information.

As a result, one of Karl’s buddies stepped forward to help. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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