What Happened to Joe’s Baby and Love in Season 3 of ‘You’? Is Their Son Still Alive?


Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for You Season 3.

Season 3 of You is officially here! The Netflix show is back, and we are witnessing Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn’s antics, this time with a new addition.

In Season 3, Joe and Love move to Madre Linda, a fictional suburb in Cali., and begin their lives as newlyweds and parents to their newborn son, Henry “Forty” Quinn-Goldberg. While Joe is willing to put his life of murder behind him to raise their son, he and Love get into some trouble due to feelings of obsession and jealously.

The couple does their best to balance raising Henry and fixing their deadly messes, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Henry from falling ill.

In the third episode titled “Missing White Woman Syndrome,” Love’s mother Dottie lets Joe and Love know that Henry is ill. The two rush from work to the hospital, where they find out Henry has been diagnosed with measles. The boy’s condition turns critical as his fever refuses to break, leading his parents to begin fearing for his life.

Henry’s time in the hospital is the only time in the series where viewers observe a different side to Joe Goldberg. It makes us sympathize with Joe because he wants the best for his son, and he shows more vulnerability than ever before. Also, this is a traumatic and frightening situation for any parent.

To make matters worse, Joe comes down with the virus. Amid his high fever, Joe learns that Henry’s fever broke, and he is recovering.

The parents discover Henry caught the measles from Gil’s unvaccinated daughter. Needless to say, Love and Joe make Gil pay.

After overcoming a life-threatening virus, does Henry survive in the end?

Baby Henry, among other fan favorites, makes it out of You Season 3 alive.

In the explosive and shocking season finale, Joe tells Love he wants a divorce. She proceeds to poison him with aconite, leaving him paralyzed. In her attempt to kill Joe, he kills Love with an injection of aconite, instantly stopping her heart.

It turns out Joe expected this kind of reaction from Love since Dottie informed him that she poisoned her first husband. So, Joe gives himself an antidote shot before dinner, which ends up saving his life. He then fakes his death and sets their house on fire.

Though his plan… Brinkwire short summary.


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