What happened to Amy and Josh from Married At First Sight in the United Kingdom?


What happened to Amy and Josh from Married At First Sight in the United Kingdom?

IN THE NEW SERIES OF MAFSUK, AMY AND JOSH were among the second group of couples to tie the knot. What happened to Amy and Josh? Is the couple still together?

On the most recent season of Married At First Sight UK, a panel of relationship experts matched Amy and Josh. With even more singletons in the mix this season, the experts had their work cut out for them. This website investigated if Amy and Josh were able to maintain their relationship.

Amy, a 34-year-old sports writer from Cornwall, has made sport her life’s passion.

She enjoys talking about her favorite team, Chelsea FC, with other football fans.

Amy wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to let her hair down and learn more about love.

She acknowledges she’s been hiding her sass for far too long and is ready to let her guard down.

“With Married At First Sight UK, either I’m going to find the love of my life or I’m going to learn a really big lesson from it, which might lead me to the love of my life,” she said ahead of the show’s premiere.

She was matched with Josh, a 26-year-old insurance agent, after going in with a cheerful mindset.

He is unmistakably athletic, and the other singles have remarked on his body.

On paper, he appears to be the ideal match for Amy due to their shared interests.

Josh is ambitious and competitive, and he’d want to meet someone who can put him in his place every now and then.

He was also looking for someone that enjoys working out but does not take himself too seriously.

It’s too early to determine whether the couple will make it to the finish of the experiment at this point.

Things seemed promising right away, but since they haven’t left for their honeymoon, only time will tell.

Amy may be recognized by fans because she formerly worked as a glamour model under the name Brandy Brewer.

In 2012, she appeared on The Bachelor, when she attempted to win the love of Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

Despite the eight-year gap, she may be able to find a better fit in Josh. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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