What does ‘Wajo’ signify in ‘Invasion’ Episode 3? Captain Murai’s final words hint at something.


What does ‘Wajo’ signify in ‘Invasion’ Episode 3? Captain Murai’s final words hint at something.

In ‘Invasion,’ devasting evidence of an extraterrestrial invasion begin to show as humanity grapples with the new reality of the aliens living among them.

The first three episodes of Apple TV+’s new series ‘Invasion’ were released, and they were jam-packed with exciting events. The drama, which follows an alien invasion on Earth, will focus on the earth’s horrific events as seen through the eyes of many people around the world.

Mitsuki Yamato (Shioli Kutsuna), situated in Tokyo, Japan, offers one such viewpoint. Captain Hinata Murai (Rinko Kikuchi) and crew were launched into space by Yamoto, a technician at JASA, an ambitious new project to investigate the effects of space on the human body for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse as we saw the terrible spectacle of the space shuttle being ripped apart. Continue reading to learn more about what transpired on the Apple TV+ episode and the clue provided by the character.

Brinkwire News’The Morning Show’ Season 2 premiere date, spoilers, and all you need to know about the Apple TV+ drama’Invasion’: Viewers who binge-watched the first three episodes of the Apple TV+ show think it was ‘awesome.’ Captain Murai’s final words, ‘Wajo,’ provide an important clue. Captain Murai and her crew were killed in space in Episode 1 of ‘Invasion,’ when the spacecraft was attacked by something and ripped apart, pulling them into the vacuum. Mitsuki Yamato, who works as a technician at JASA, is crushed by the loss of her love and drinks herself numb. She’s dealing with despair because she’s the only one remaining on the globe while the rest of the world has vanished. After regaining her calm, she returns to work the next day to discover that the government has created an independent commission to investigate the situation. Several additional satellites in space had gone dark on the day the HOSHI12 space shuttle exploded.

Officials from JASA also discovered that the team’s last distress call was received three hours after it was sent, implying that Yamato was to responsible for the communication system’s failure. Frustrated, she resolves to examine the situation herself, snatching a superior’s badge and fleeing. Kaito Kawaguchi, a fellow technician, is after her as she rushes to the operation room (Daisuke Tsuji). She locks herself and Kawaguchi in a room and begins searching the film of the space shuttle before it explodes for answers. Mitsuki witnesses something crash into the shuttle, killing them all, while she watches the final moments of Murai with tears in her eyes. “Something hit it, can you hear it?” she asks Kawaguchi. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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