What criteria are used to choose the passengers for the Below Deck charter?


What criteria are used to choose the passengers for the Below Deck charter?

Each season, a new group of charter guests joins the crew at BELOW DECK, and they can be quite a handful for the crew. But how do the guests get picked?

Beautiful locales, magnificent vessels, and charter guest pandemonium are all hallmarks of Below Deck. Each season, a new group of guests board one of the superyachts to embark on an ideal journey through some of the world’s most desirable destinations. However, because the guests frequently bring their own drama to the show, people have been curious as to how they are chosen.

Many of the charter guests have become as well-known as the season’s crews.

While those on deck get the most of the attention, the charter passengers are never bashful in front of the camera and frequently steal the show.

This has resulted in some unforgettable events, such as when Season 7’s Brandy was already drinking before boarding.

When Brandy and her friends went ashore for a picnic, the crew had to treat her with medical attention.

Brandy appeared to have passed out after drinking too much, causing a particularly uncomfortable situation for chief stew Kate Chastain and the rest of the crew.

However, neither Brandy nor any other charter guest would face embarrassment as a result of their conduct, as each and every one of them was hand-picked to participate in the series.

Eddie Lucas, the Bosun, recently spoke with Cosmopolitan about how the process works and how each season is planned.

“They schedule the people that will be on board,” Lucas explained.

“I’m sure there are visitors that don’t like how they’ve been shown,” the celebrity said, “but it still surprises me.”

“You know you’re going to be on TV, so if you act like a fool, that’s on you.”

Lucas also mentioned some of the series’ most notable visitors, such as Johnny Eyelash from season one.

“He used to wander around in a soiled bathrobe all the time. Lucas added, “I don’t think it had ever been washed.”

For spectators, the show’s guests and crew’s embarrassment is part of the entertainment, with the drama growing swiftly each season.

“Embarrassment is something that I think goes hand-in-hand with being on Below Deck!” Lucas said.

“They found narcotics in one of the [group’s] belongings, so I would.”


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