What celebrity snogs REALLY reveal about their relationships, from Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash to Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury.


FROM passionate smooches to posed pecks, how celebrities kiss can be a real indicator of their relationships, claims a body language expert.

So naturally, Fabulous had to find out what we can learn from the way our favourite famous couples pucker up for the cameras.

Judi James unveiled what these celeb snoggers are saying about their bond…

This very emotional kiss suggests authentic love and shared emotion.

Her arms are flung around his neck while he reciprocates with a double-arm waist hug.

Their torsos are pressed together front-on to show sexual bonding and his forehead kiss looks sweet and very tender.

Looking like a pose from a fashion catalogue, Molly-Mae leans in, forming a very pitch-perfect kiss pose for the camera, appearing to design the shot by placing one hand around Tommy’s back and her fingers on his neck to help with the choreography.

The couple that meets on camera stays on camera, but there are signs of mutual affection here as well, with Tommy’s head tilted back in a gesture of happy surrender.

This joke kiss that turns into a tussle is a feature of a long-lasting relationship between friends as well as lovers and where trust levels are still very high.

They show they have nothing to prove in terms of sexual boasting and they also show a strong family vibe as this looks like a fun ritual they can all join in, including the dog.

Joe grips Stacey’s face to plant a laughing smacker while she performs an open-mouth grin of mock-shock while her crinkled eye expression is actually all about affection.

Kourtney looks so keen to emphasise the sexual side of her relationship with Travis here, wrapping her arms and her legs around him, Koala-style and devouring him with her kiss.

This is a dominant and rather demanding display that suggests total surrender from Travis.

Kourtney has Travis totally trapped here, while he is pressed into service both lifting her entire body weight as well as performing a good kiss response.

It’s hard to see who is doing the trophy pose here: Megan who turns back to tongue-poke Machine Gun, or MG who towers over his sexily-clad girlfriend, tongue-poking in return.

Both are offering to lick rather than kiss here, suggesting a mutual desire to shock and grab external attention.

It’s a non-loving style of kissing and as a sexual boast it suggests a bit of an immature, giggly attitude to sex itself.

Perrie really goes for this kiss, snuggling up to Alex and using a steering gesture by placing one hand on his face as she goes in full-pucker and with her… Brinkwire Brief News.


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