‘What are you up to?’ On Take Off, Holly Willoughby chastises Bradley Walsh. ‘Pick that up!’ says the narrator.


‘What are you up to?’ On Take Off, Holly Willoughby chastises Bradley Walsh. ‘Pick that up!’ says the narrator.

On Saturday night’s edition of Take Off with Bradley and Holly, Holly Willoughby slammed her co-star Bradley Walsh.

Start your journey with On Saturday evening, Bradley and Holly returned with contestants competing for a vacation. Players fought for a flight to Mexico with hosts Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh guiding them through the BBC game show. The presenting couple, however, had an on-screen spat when Holly saw Bradley throwing away a chocolate wrapper.

The first two participants began munching into their complimentary drinks and food as soon as they were seated on the plane.

Bradley expressed his want for a chocolate when they mentioned they had some.

“Are you simply going to eat them?” As her co-star unwrapped the goodie, Holly inquired.

“I am, yeah,” Bradley said swiftly. I wasn’t drinking any tea.”

He generously shared his chocolates with Holly, who then stated, “Right now, we have to discuss.” We’re on TV, and we’ve got chocolate all over our faces.”

Bradley flung his chocolate wrapper behind the sofa and said, “No, it’s good.”

Holly, visibly enraged by her co-littering, star’s shouted, “What are you doing?”

“You just tossed it over the couch. Is that something you do at home?” Holly had inquired.

“What?” Bradley remarked this while trying to keep his laughter hidden.

“After that, Bradley Walsh, you pick it up!” Holly gave instructions to her co-host.

Bradley, leaning behind the sofa, said, “Dave, pick that up.”

Holly, on the other hand, was having none of it and instructed him to go get his litter: “Go get it right now.” Please go grab it. Put it in the garbage.”

Bradley took a tentative step behind the sofa to get his chocolate wrapper, but when he sat back down, he slid it between the seats.

“Should we do it?” Bradley replied, “Absolutely,” to Holly’s suggestion that they continue with the rest of the show.

He suddenly realized, though, that his co-star was staring at him disapprovingly once more.

“What?” Holly said, “You think I’m stupid,” to Bradley’s exclamation.

“I don’t!” he protested, as Holly snarled, “You’ve just stuffed it down the sofa now.”

“You’ve grassed me up once more. What exactly is your problem? Is it possible that you have x-ray vision?” Bradley was enraged.

“I’ll keep that and throw it out later,” Holly remarked, picking up the chocolate wrapper. You remind me of one of my “Brinkwire Summary News” stories.


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