What are the Greece Covid rules for travel? Authorities will take action against party islands.


What are the Greece Covid rules for travel? Authorities will take action against party islands.

The Government has placed Greece and its component islands on its amber travel list, but the country’s authorities have begun to crack down on trouble regions. Is it still possible for you to visit Greece?

Holidaymaking Following the Government’s recent amber list judgement, Britons now have a slew of new nations to pick from. People can now travel to and from amber nations without having to adhere to Covid’s isolation requirements. However, they only apply to a select group of persons who must still adhere to the norms of their selected destination.

People who want to visit Greece without being subjected to quarantine will need to have both Covid immunizations first.

These are the sole exceptions to the government’s Covid travel restrictions.

However, they must exercise caution when on Greek soil, as certain islands have been hit by a fourth wave of virus.

A total of 2,667 cases are reported per day in the country, resulting in nine deaths.

Concerns have arisen about some “party” islands, despite the fact that they are quite mild in comparison to other countries such as the United Kingdom.

Both Mykonos and Ios, which are popular with younger travelers, have seen significant numbers.

Given the rise in infection rates among those aged 20 to 30, Greek authorities have decided to beef up police presence.

Authorities believe that non-family-oriented establishments such as bars and pubs have not taken sufficient caution.

Haris Theoharis, Greece’s tourism minister, told the Guardian that there was “greater congestion than we would want to see” when it came to hosting younger tourists and residents.

Mr Theorharis noted that his agency is working to maintain “some equilibrium.”

Rather than imposing limitations on visitors, he has strengthened law enforcement presence on the islands.

Last year, when tourism was low, Mykonos welcomed 186 enforcers, an increase of 130 from the previous year.

Another 30 police officers, along with undercover agents and security professionals, arrived on Ios, another popular tourist destination.

On Greece’s risk-assessment system, both islands are now on “orange” alert.

Tinos, Zakynthos, Santorini, Rhodes, Paros, and Lefkada are among six additional islands where concerns have grown.

The Greek deputy minister of civil protection, Nikos Hardalias, advised tourists and officials to “pay particular attention” to personal safety and venue operation laws.

He went on to say that the situation “requires prudence” and that it’s “critical” that individuals stick to the regulations.

They will not prevent anyone from visiting Greece, but visitors will be restricted on any islands that reach the “red” warning level.

A curfew would be implemented in the fourth and most stringent category. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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