‘What about a pool?’ Laura Hamilton of A Place In The Sun laughs at the buyer’s audacious request.


‘What about a pool?’ Laura Hamilton of A Place In The Sun laughs at the buyer’s audacious request.

A SUNRISE LOCATION When one of the buyers on the Channel 4 property show made an ambitious request, host Laura Hamilton couldn’t help but giggle.

Having A Sunspot In a memorable episode of Channel 4’s property show, he visited the Costa de la Luz in Spain. Laura Hamilton showed Jude and Veronica around the neighborhood in the hopes of finding them their ideal vacation house. Laura led the house searchers to a number of properties with a £110,000 budget. When one of the buyers made an audacious request, she couldn’t help but giggle.

Jude and Veronica were searching for their ideal vacation home in Spain, and they made it plain that one of the most important factors for them was to be near the water.

The pair adored the Costa de la Luz location and were eager to learn more about the real estate market there.

The first residence Laura showed them was a three-bedroom townhouse close to the ocean.

The home came in under the couple’s budget, as it was listed for just over £105,000.

However, they weren’t impressed with the interior, saying it didn’t have the sense of a vacation home.

As they looked around the house, Veronica commented, “It’s a little dark.”

Laura quickly moved on to the second viewing after realizing she hadn’t pleased the couple with the first.

Another three-bedroom house was the second property they visited.

It did, however, include some additional outdoor space, including a roof terrace and patio.

“I really like this,” Veronica said, and Jude agreed: “The setting is fantastic.”

However, at just over £114,000, the house was out of their price range.

Laura asked the couple what they wanted to see in the next few houses when the visit was over.

Veronica said, “Something with a pool would be nice.”

“What? Do you really want to be this close to the water and have a pool?” Laura chuckled at the audacity of the suggestion.

Jude added, laughing, “Yes, that’s dreamland!”

“I believe the outside space, perhaps not terraces in the traditional sense. “It’s just like one big outside space,” Veronica explained.

As Jude yelled, “Ideally!” Laura responded, still giggling at the pleas.

“Come on, let’s go,” Laura urged, pushing the two to attend the next showing with her.

Laura led the couple to three more residences, some of which were new to them. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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