‘We’ve been through a lot together,’ Dave of Hairy Bikers says of Si’s health issues.


‘We’ve been through a lot together,’ Dave of Hairy Bikers says of Si’s health issues.

Dave Myers, star of HAIRY BIKERS, has opened up about his friend Si King’s health problems.

Dave Myers, 64, was recently featured on Grace Dent’s Guardian podcast Comfort Eating.

Along with fellow food enthusiast and friend Si King, 55, the star is one half of the famous traveling chef duo, the Hairy Bikers.

Grace, 48, a MasterChef regular, has hosted a slew of famous guests on her podcast, where they talk about their favorite comfort foods before delving into their personal lives.

Grace went on to ask Dave about his relationship with fellow Hairy Biker Si, who he’s been on the road with for nearly 20 years, after a heartfelt discussion about Dave’s difficult adolescence as a young carer.

Dave confirmed Grace’s observation that the two appear to be “actually, genuinely friends.”

“Oh, we are!” Dave exclaimed.

“We’ve been through a lot together over the years, you know.”

“You know, bereavements, tragedies, the whole shebang.

With a chuckle, he added, “Divorces… Not to each other, but you get the idea.”

“We’ve also been through a lot of the difficult times.”

In 2013, he suffered a brain haemorrhage and was very sick.

It was quite a shock.”

Dave went on to say that Si had planned to take some time off work around that time to spend with his family.

Dave’s decision to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, which he admitted he “absolutely adored,” was influenced by this.

Dave finished sixth in that year’s competition, alongside Karen Hauer, a long-time Strictly pro.

Dave told Grace after the competition that Si’s health had taken a turn for the worse, and the duo’s plans to get back on the road had been turned upside down.

“We were supposed to return to work, but he had a brain haemorrhage, so we had to take a year off,” he explained.

Even though Dave went on to explain that Si was fine because doctors “caught it in time,” he was still shaken.

Dave had seen Si the morning he was taken to hospital in Newcastle.

They were on a book tour, and they spent hours signing copies of their new cookbook for their adoring fans.

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