West End icons call for the Eat Out To Help Out program to help get shows on the road.


West End icons call for the Eat Out To Help Out program to help get shows on the road.

THEATRE PRODUCERS IN THE UK are calling for a ‘Eat Out To Help Out’-style initiative to ensure that traveling performances can resume after the outbreak.

Kenny Wax, the man behind the smash-hit musical Six, is among the top industry figures calling for future shows to be underwritten by the government in the short term to ensure that they can bridge the financial gap between a socially isolated venue and the capacity required to make it viable for the production to run. While the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Support has helped to fund the construction of theatres in the UK, many still require production companies to provide touring performances to occupy their stages. The League of Independent Producers has presented a combined bid to the Arts Council and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport in the hopes of being able to stage work without fear of financial ruin.

“The Government has put a lot of money into these theatres, quite correctly, to keep them afloat, but you now have to have plays to put into them,” Kenny, whose famous works include The Play That Goes Wrong and Top Hat, remarked.

And you’ll only get shows if you can provide a socially dispersed box office balance, if that’s what you need.

“Rather than competing for a piece of the cultural recovery fund money, we’ve decided to work together to build something that will benefit the entire industry.”

“It’s pointless for provincial theatres to open if there aren’t any shows to put on their stages. It would also be impractical for them to perform for one week, then take two weeks off, perform for one night, and then take another break.

These theaters have full-time employees and all of the associated costs, so it’s simply not feasible unless they can arrange a full season.

According to Kenny, in normal times, over 150 performances would be touring the UK, with around 50 large plays filling ‘first class’ theatres — those with seating for over 1,000 people.

“I think an eat out to help out style system might probably work in the West End when it reopens,” he continued, “but we.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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