We’re frugal moms who batch cook for three months for just £130 and shop for 3p bargains.


We’re frugal moms who batch cook for three months for just £130 and shop for 3p bargains.

SAVVY mothers have shared their best techniques for feeding the family on a budget, including batch cooking to save £130 per month and finding deals for as low as 3p.

The Bank of England expects inflation to grow to 5% in April, while interest rates remain at a historic low of 0.1 percent. This means that grocery shopping will get more expensive.

However, this does not imply that you must spend hundreds of dollars every week. These moms share their best suggestions for stocking your grocery cart on a budget so you don’t go broke…

One simple approach to save money at the grocery store is to plan ahead of time and batch cook your meals with discounts from the yellow sticker section.

This approach has the extra benefit of saving you time during the week because all you have to do is microwave your meals.

Liane Greenly, 38, of Lincoln, spent £137 at Aldi on a three-month supply of a mega batch cook for her and her spouse.

“I produced dishes that were all similar in their main ingredients and changed by the herbs,” she told LatestDeals.co.uk.

“For example, until the last few components, spaghetti, lasagne, and cottage pie are all very similar. Preparing in bulk is more convenient than cooking every night.

“By producing a huge batch and freezing the leftovers, it saves money.” If you’re having a lazy day, a home prepared dinner straight from the freezer and into the microwave is considerably cheaper and healthier than a takeaway.” Meal planning saves money because you won’t have to double up on ingredients, go to a more expensive local grocery, or order takeout on the spur of the moment.

To begin, go through your cupboards and make a food plan. Then you can go shopping for exactly what you’re lacking.

“I don’t spend more than £50 a week for all of our shopping needs,” Gemma Brooks, 32, from Hertfordshire, said.

“It’s simple if you plan your meals ahead of time; I keep track of mine on a whiteboard in the kitchen.”

“You can stretch meals if you plan ahead and get creative.” I usually plan ahead of time which meals I’ll be buying ingredients for so I can locate the best deals.” To save money, buy frozen whenever possible. Fruit and vegetables, as well as some meat and seafood, are significantly less expensive in the freezer section. You also won’t waste food because it won’t spoil.

“Frozen salmon is fantastic on a budget,” Gemma noted. In Tesco, a pack of frozen fillets costs £3.30; buying equal quantities in the chilled department would easily cost a few of pounds… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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