‘We’re both going to die!’ George Clarke responds to a’scary’ request from a married fan who suggests having an affair


‘We’re both going to die!’ George Clarke responds to a’scary’ request from a married fan who suggests having an affair

GEORGE CLARKE has revealed the specifics of the “scariest” fan message he’s ever received, revealing that it came from a married female fan.

Despite the fact that George Clarke and Katie Morgan are married, an admirer asked him if he’d like to go out for a drink with her. “There are a few wicked girls out there!” he laughed.

“There is all the cheeky stuff,” the 47-year-old architect remarked of getting fan mail.

“Letters like, ‘I know you’re married, but if you want to come over for a drink…’

Let’s just say there are a couple of bad gals on the loose.

“The one that scared me the most was from a woman whose husband was in prison, telling me that we should be together.

“Yeah, and when he gets out, we’ll both be dead!” I reasoned.

Piers Morgan answers as the radio personality is now on a Covid ventilator.

While George’s female followers may adore him, he is happily married in his personal life.

In 2018, the father of two married his wife, Katie, in Ibiza.

He is, however, quite secretive about his love life and does not post pictures of them on social media.

Catriona Drummond, the mother of George’s children Emilio and Iona, was his first wife.

“We have been married for quite a long time and chose to part,” he remarked at the time, announcing their breakup.

“We have separate custody of the children and are separating and divorcing amicably.”

Later, the Amazing Spaces actor was compelled to deny rumors that another woman he was seen with at a hotel was involved in their breakup.

“The guy I was with doesn’t have anything to do with any of it,” he told The Mirror at the time.

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He is best recognized outside of his personal life for his work on the Channel 4 shows The Home Show, The Restoration Man, and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

He’s most recently been the face of Remarkable Renovations.

The architect meets Britons who are repurposing structures that once served a different purpose in the show.

The father of two will meet a couple in West Yorkshire this week who are intending to renovate a. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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