Wendy Williams’ return to talk show has been postponed due to “serious” health complications; guest hosts will take over.


Wendy Williams’ return to talk show has been postponed due to “serious” health complications; guest hosts will take over.

Wendy Williams is still dealing with health issues that are preventing her from returning to her daytime talk show.

The queen of discussion had previously tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), which caused the new season of her show to be delayed.

Williams’ Graves’ Disease is complicating her recovery, according to a new health report, and the show’s season 13 launch will not be delayed.

As Williams recovers, the show has announced that guest hosts will take her place.

Wendy Williams is dealing with ‘health’ problems.

The Wendy Williams Show’s production has made a statement that has fans concerned about the talk show’s future.

After several delays, the new season of the daytime show will premiere on October 18th. Williams, on the other hand, will not be dishing on the “Hot Topics” when season 13 of the show starts. Instead, while Williams remains under medical supervision, a roster of guest hosts and panels will fill in for her.

“Wendy is still under medical observation and has daily meetings with her medical staff. “She is making improvement, but Graves’ Disease and her thyroid issue are causing her major challenges,” according to an Instagram statement. “It has been determined that she will require additional time before she can resume her live hosting duties.” “Wendy is a cherished and stalwart member” of Debmar-Mercury for 13 years, according to the production team, and they “want her health to be her main concern.” “She will be back in her prized purple recliner as soon as she is ready,” the statement said. “We appreciate Wendy’s privacy being respected, as well as all of the well wishes from her fans, station partners, and advertisers.” Wendy Williams Farted in Front of the Camera? A TV host finally speaks out about an urban legend. Wendy Williams’ fans wish her the best of luck. Williams adores her followers and everyone who has helped her on her talk show over the years. When production reported that she was still sick, the outpouring of support poured in. Her fans encourage her to forget about the show and focus on her health instead.

“Wendy, take as much time as you need.” Your legacy has been established. “We adore you!” exclaimed an admirer.

“Wendy should simply wait, she may come back [in]January 2022, by then she will be refreshed, perhaps,” a supporter remarked.

“I realize the financial and employment implications, but… Brinkwire Entertainment breaking news


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