Wendy Williams compares one of her encounters to the fiasco of Hilaria Baldwin.


Wendy Williams’ response to celebrity scandals is the great hallmark of The Wendy Williams Show – and no celebrity scandal has been greater in recent days than that of Hilaria Baldwin.

Baldwin was mocked because people assumed she was pretending to be Spanish, when she was actually American.

In retrospect, in several respects, Williams also admitted that she is close to Baldwin.

How Wendy Williams referred to the uproar over Hilaria Baldwin.

A little history first.

It was confirmed by The New York Times that Baldwin was born in Boston. Her website, however, reported she had been born in Spain. From time to time, she slipped out a Spanish accent as well.

Williams addressed the controversy with entertainment reporter Devyn Simone on her show. Williams noted that on her program, Baldwin was a guest and she “didn’t spot anything unusual” about Baldwin. Simone compared Baldwin to established con artist Rachel Dolezal, to which Williams nodded.

The contrast between Dolezal and Baldwin, she said, was that, although Dolezal pretended to be part of a different race, Baldwin pretended to be part of a different culture.

Williams attributed Baldwin’s dispute to the fact that during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people had little else to do. Williams, meanwhile, laughed at Baldwin’s penchant for slipping into a Spanish accent frequently.

Hilaria Baldwin dodges questions as to how much time she really spent in Spain

What especially upset Williams was the fact that the Spanish-language magazine ¡Hola! featured Baldwin. She exclaimed, “Not ¡Hola!” Williams speculated that because “Spanish people are very beautiful.” Baldwin was trying to come across as a Spanish person. Williams said, however, that Baldwin was able to pass as Spanish because Spanish people come in “many shades.”

How Wendy Williams linked her own life to the scandal

She spent some time in England, Williams observed.

She said she developed a bit of a British accent during that time. She said, however, that she had never told anyone she was English. Furthermore, Williams shared with her audience some of her fictional British accent – an accent much thicker than what most British people have.

What’s the story with the accent of Hilaria Baldwin, and where was it originally from?

Baldwin’s Hilaria defends herself

And how is Baldwin defending herself from these accusations? It’s very specific about the stuff I said about myself,”The things I’ve said about myself are very clear,” I was born in Boston. I spent time in Boston and Spain. My family now lives in Spain. When I was 19, I moved to New York, and I’ve been living here ever since.

To me, it feels like I’ve been hearing this story over and over again for 10 years.

And now it seems that this isn’t enough.

In the controversy, Baldwin saw a silver lining. She said, “There’s a reason this conversation is happening right now,” “It’s important to have these discussions.

But I think that’s incredibly important because people can come out as different parts of themselves and how they identify and people listen. It’s up to individual fans to determine if they believe Baldwin, but Williams sees her as the next Dolezal.


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