Wendy Posner of Emmerdale is suspected of murder after fans notice a clue that she stole a nurse’s identity?


Wendy Posner of Emmerdale is suspected of murder after fans notice a clue that she stole a nurse’s identity?

Wendy Posner of EMMERDALE has been threatened by her abusive ex-husband Russ to give his mother’s wealth to their grandson Harry.

Since his arrival in Emmerdale village earlier this week, Russ (played by Rob Jarvis) has been manipulating ex-wife Wendy (Susan Cookson) into doing his bidding. Russ is attempting to worm his way into the lives of Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) and her son Harry, who has inherited a sizable sum from his great-grandmother. Russ is furious at his mother’s behavior and is doing everything he can to get Victoria to hand over the money. Wendy has agreed to Russ’ scheme because he threatens Victoria and Harry, but is there anything more sinister at work?

As he continues to exert control over Wendy, fans believe Russ is holding a secret Wendy doesn’t want the other Emmerdale residents to learn about.

While he has threatened Victoria and Harry, many believe Wendy has another reason for not wanting Russ to stay.

Russ revealed to Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) on a recent episode of the ITV soap that he has been unable to find job due to his ailing back.

Russ grumbled, “It’s not happening with my back injury.” “I broke it five years ago on a construction job, and there was no pay!”

“Well, you must have had an excellent surgeon looking at you, can scarcely tell!” Wendy retorted.

Russ mocked his ex-wife, “You should know, being a qualified nurse,” and she was taken aback by his remark.

Wendy has always been thought to be a licensed nurse, but what if she has a darker side to her?

Fans quickly took to Twitter to speculate that she had been posing as a nurse and had stolen someone’s identity.

“So my theory is Wendy’s secret is she isn’t a properly qualified nurse,” one fan speculated. #Emmerdale.”

“Is “Wendy genuinely ‘not legally certified’ as a nurse & her ex did something shady back in the day and this is the hold he has over her?” one person claimed. #emmerdale.”

A third tweeted, “I’ve been seated thinking about tonight’s episode.” “Wendy’s countenance changed dramatically when Russ used the words “qualified nurse.”

“What if that’s her secret?” says the narrator. Is she a “true” nurse? #emmerdale.”

Could Wendy have killed someone inadvertently in the past and assumed their identity to avoid being discovered?

If that’s the case, it’s possible. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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