Wendy Moten gives fans an update after falling onstage during a live episode of ‘The Voice.’


Wendy Moten gives fans an update after falling onstage during a live episode of ‘The Voice.’

Wendy Moten is alright after falling and appearing to harm herself during Tuesday night’s live Top 10 results broadcast on The Voice. After the Team Blake Shelton singer, who turned 57 on Monday, caused some concern among the judges and viewers when she appeared to stumble as she fled the stage, she assured supporters that she was “fine” and had only had minor injuries.

The terrifying occurrence occurred after Moten took the stage alongside Shelton and other team members Lana Scott and Paris Winningham to sing “I Can’t Help Myself.” Worry was raised just seconds after the performance when she appeared to fall hard on her arm and head as she walked off stage. “Unfortunate moment for Wendy Moten, who is walking off and we hope she’s okay,” host Carson Daly said as Moten was taken off stage by her coach and colleagues just moments before the show went to commercial break. When the show premiered again, Daly was joined by Moten, who assured viewers that she was fine.

(hashtag)TeamBlake is preparing for a spectacular performance. TheVoice (hashtag) pic.twitter.comOXl6NHgWzQ “I’m fine; I’m bruised a little, but you know what? I’m still up for it! “Daly remarked that nothing like her tumble had ever happened on the show before. Moten re-shared a post from an Ariana Grande fan account on her Instagram Story, writing, “so relieved she’s okay…omg I was so worried.” Moten’s night concluded on a good note, despite the fall. She and her teammates, Scott and Winningham, all made the Top 10, advancing to the live concerts the following week. Moten re-posted The Voice’s announcement that she had made it into the Top 10 to commemorate her achievement. “I hope you’re feeling fine, we truly need you and your voice,” one user said in the comments section of the post, wishing Moten well following her on-air mishap. Someone else made the remark that they were “”I hope you’re doing okay Wendy,” a third person added, “praying for healing.” Congratulations on getting it into the top ten!” The Voice airs new episodes Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For the most up-to-date information, visit PopCulture.com.


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