‘We were stuck,’ says the crew below deck. After a major setback, Captain Lee saved the Bravo series.


‘We were stuck,’ says the crew below deck. After a major setback, Captain Lee saved the Bravo series.

BELOW DECK’s showrunner revealed how Captain Lee Rosbach saved the show, despite the fact that he wasn’t originally cast to sail the seas.

Captain Lee Rosbach has remained a fan favorite over the nine seasons of Bravo’s Below Deck. Despite his outstanding performance in the series, he would never have been promoted to Captain if he hadn’t saved the show in season one.

Captain Lee, with his no-nonsense leadership and humorous one-liners, won the hearts of viewers in the first episode of Below Deck.

He was called Stud of the Sea because of his proclivity for giving fatherly advice and an endless supply of stare-downs.

For fans, he appeared to be the ideal person to head a crew of young and active stewards while still catering to discerning passengers.

Below Deck, on the other hand, may have turned out quite differently if Captain Lee hadn’t saved the show after a major setback.

Producer Mark Cronin disclosed to Metro.co.uk that Aleks Taldykin, who appeared in season one, was originally cast as captain.

“Aleks had the necessary license for that size boat, and we assumed it was enough,” he explained.

“I thought to myself, ‘Oh, he has a license, that’s great, he can be the captain.’ We’ll get the old person off and put the young guy on, and we’ll be good to go,’” he admitted.

Despite the fact that everything appeared to be going according to plan, the crew was hit with a major setback.

Despite the fact that Aleks possessed the proper license and was qualified to rent a yacht, Captain Lee was correct in pointing out that he lacked real-world experience.

“Just because you have a captain’s license does not mean you are qualified to run a charter yacht and take a 150-foot yacht off the dock, anchor it, and bring it back to the dock,” Lee told Mark.

The producer later realized Lee was correct, and they would need someone who could calmly control the boat if they were in true danger at sea.

This is when he recommended that Aleks be the yacht’s face and that he guide the boat off camera.

Lee’s plan to sail behind the scenes wouldn’t work, he said, because Below Deck was supposed to be a reality show, and it would confuse the crew.

The series was also supposed to focus on the inner workings of yachting, thus it couldn’t be considered “realistic.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Lee said at the time.


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